Why Retell the Stories Once Told to Me?

I started Stories She Told because, honestly, I have all these silly, heartwarming, odd-ball stories I tell for entertainment, at holidays, parties, intimate times, social events, even at work-events.  At times even to myself before bed.  Each true story my mum told me has a purpose, or a hidden meaning for any occasion.  However, mostly I miss the stories my mother use to tell me over tea.

My mum, Cyn, died almost 3 years ago. We had a close almost sisterly relationship with one another.  Some of the stories she told, were public knowledge, as it were, some stories she and I would be the only people who knew them.  Others were turned into inside jokes.  For example, we would  randomly say to the other,

Were you in the boat when the boat tipped over?”

The other would be sure to reply,

“No I was in the water.”

Its old humour.  I am not certain who came up with it, it certainly was not us, perhaps her mother, or her mother’s mother.  But it always went along nicely to one of her stories, about a funny boat accident that happened to my grand-mothers in the 1970s.

That stories and others will be on here in due time.

Each story will be short, yet long enough to enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit.



One thought on “Why Retell the Stories Once Told to Me?

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