Nana’s Little Wine Tasting Party

My mum, and even my father, loved telling this story.  One of my aunts, who is a character in this story, dislikes it, because it makes all the ladies seem like bad parents.  But we tell it because it make my lovely classy Nana gets pissed face drunk!

My mum, my dad,  Nana (my father’s mum), and I were in Toronto, for the christening of my new infant TRIPLET  cousins.  We stayed at the triplet’s house to help out before the christening.  Now the night before the christening, dad and his bother left for a night out, I believe.  I was 6 at the time, but all  I know is they certainly were not there!

Drew had left a big box of his home-made wine –  because we gotz the class  in our family.  And these classy ladies part took in some glorious wine tasting or lets say glorious frat-boy drinking…

When I say classy ladies, I mean it.  I do not remember ever seeing anyone, drunk or have a hangover.  Our family always had wine for supper, but no one ever over did it.  All three were always well dress, had immaculate houses, hosted elegant supper parties, even went to church.

That is to say this story is better if you know these ladies never got drunk!”

I went off to bed, all the children were in bed,  5 children under 6 years old.  The ladies started to celebrate by having a drink from my fathers big box of home-made wine.  Everything was silent enough for my cousins and I to sleep through the night.  However when we awoke, Nana was missing…

The day of the christening and Nana was nowhere to be seen.”

My dad joked that she must have a hangover, and can not get up.  My mum retorted with, “but we only had two drinks each.”  But Nana was hiding in the guest bedroom.

When she finally emerged, she wore dark sunglasses.  Hung-over for sure, everyone thought.

During the christening, and for all the pictures she wore dark sunglasses. It was very odd.  My Nana, this exuberantly – life of the party Nana, was a shrinking violet avoiding pictures.

After the christening, when everyone had left, she told my parents what had happened.  After finishing the little wine tasting party, with my mum and aunt, Nana had gone to the guest bedroom, tripped and fell over her suitcase on the way down she hit her face on the bed post.

She then removed her sunglasses to reveal a great big BLACK EYE.

My Dad likes to add, that when he picked up the box of wine, it was empty, so that little wine tasting party, was really not the one or two glasses, all 3 women thought it was.

I love that my perfect sweet little Nana, got pissed drunk.  It sort of makes me wonder, that if at 68 years old she could be so radical as to get a black eye, what would she have been like in her 20s before she was my Nana.



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