The Evil White Cat on our Return from Disney

When I was 5 my parents took me to Florida for the first time.  It was over Christmas and was my first time ever going on a long road trip to a place, it seem to me was only for kids.  I of course mean Disney! I felt truly special.

We were in fact going to Florida to visit my grandparents, who always rented a condo on the beach in Cocoa Beach.  But it was still very exciting to me!  The memories of this vacation is so engrained in my mind, my imagination, into my very soul.  Those memories I will save for a later entry.

This story took place on our return from Disney.  We only had one cat at the time, Trisha.  Trisha was a white long hair cat, that my mum had saved as a kitten from being drowned by its un-wanting owner.  Trisha had been in our family for years before I was born.

Whilst we were away mum had arranged for her cousin to stay at our house to take care of Trisha.  On returning, mum walked in to our home first, her cousin greeting her warmly, when out of nowhere this big ball of white fur jumps into mum’s arms.

A close representation of Trisha, cannot seem to find a picture of Trisha

A close representation of Trisha, cannot seem to find a picture of Trisha

The white fur ball who was in mum’s arm was of course was Trisha, she climbed on to mum’s shoulder for a better hug, purring away.  Trisha took her head out of mum’s flaming red hair, she watched as dad and I walked into the foyer, seeing us for the first time in 2 weeks, she hist and batted with her paw claws out at dad and me.

Clearly no matter what, Trisha only cared for mum, perhaps she remembered being saved by mum.  Perhaps she disliked me purely because, at my birth, I had taken away attention from her.  I have no clue why she would dislike dad.  Trisha died a few months later, and to be honest this is the only story, I was present for and remember of my own accord of Trisha.  However, I still love the story because it always makes me remember how much everyone loved my mum, even grumpy old cats who only loved my mum.




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