Were You in the Boat, When the Boat Tipped Over?

Mum and I always did the Boat joke in conversation.  If you do not know The Boat Joke it goes,

Were you in the boat when the boat tipped over?   No silly, I was in the water!   And it must be said in an English accent

It’s a common joke, as you can attest to if you look it up on YouTube!  But our reason to laugh at the joke was compounded as it plays with a story that once happen to my Grandmum (my maternal grandmother), Nana (my paternal grandmother) and my grandmum’s cousin Joyce (my maternal first cousin twice removed).  It was in a boat, and it involves falling in the water!

It was the 1970s, before my parents were married, both sides of my family owned a cottage at Lac Connelly near St Hippolyte, that how my parents met.  It was summer, the families had been growing close, they spent a great deal of time together, enjoying the lake.

My Grandmum, Joyce, and Nana decided to take a little ride in a pedalo, or some may call it a peddle boat.  My father was on the shore, enjoying the sun with my mum when they heard a great shriek coming from the pedalo.

The pedalo had sprung a leak!  My grandmothers and Joyce were sinking.  They shouted none of them wanted their perm to get wet!  Out in the country there were few places to get your hair fixed!

Parents and Papa

Parents and Papa

My father ripped off his shirt, dove into the water and swam towards the boat to bring the boat to the dock, and save the lady’s hair.  The screaming ladies finally saw dad arrive at the boat, he stood up and walked the boat back to the shore with the ladies still on board.

My grandmothers in their nervousness about their hair, coupled with the fact that the trusted pedalo was quickly sinking, had forgot the lake was exceptionally shallow even when one was far from the shore.  They were sinking in less that four and a half feet of water, all of them were over five and half feet, and all were exceptional swimmers.

However, although everyone on the shore could see they were sinking in less than 5 feet of water, the ladies on the boat were completely unaware.  Still to this day they tell the story, of dad saving them, as if it was a scene out of Bay Watch!  The story only shows to show how vanity can play a greatly into ones sense of reality!



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